If you see something, say something: ‘Light skinned’ men plot to endanger Americans!

This short satirical piece (just 300 words) might be interesting and/or a amusing to URPE members.

Larry Klayman, a lawyer w/ a long list of right wing credentials, declared last week that the explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas — which killed at 14 — was likely an act of “Muslim Terror.”  After encountering Mr. Klayman’s claim — along w/ some anti-Muslim commentary following the Boston Marathon, and the speculation that the Boston bomber was a “dark skinned” man — I wrote up this alternative story, which highlights the role of light skinned” free market extremists.  

The piece appears on Counterpunch and Buzzfeed.  Please pass the link along!

“If you see something, say something!: The ‘Light skinned’ Man threat to America”  Counterpunch
http://www.counterpunch.org/ 2013/04/25/the-light-skinned- men-threat-to-america/

“Light skinned men plotting to endanger Americans,” Buzzfeed
http://www.buzzfeed.com/ hubigzapps/light-skinned-men- plotting-to-endanger- americans-ac9b

Tim KoechlinVassar College