One thought on “New Book: Rethinking Economic Policy for Social Justice – The radical potential of human rights

  1. Any appeal for social justice is an affirmative with me because our existing situation is so obviously wrong! But I see that there does not seem to be mention of equality of opportunity to work, which seems to me to be the worst social injustice and which results in homelessness, poverty, abuse by drugs and petty crime. Our work and purchases are being taxed and the money used to develop the infrastructure, which makes the land even more useful and valuable.

    These opportunities are being withheld by land owners whose prices for rentals are the result of a national policy of permissible land ownership and not of common land sharing. Unused useful sites of land greatly raise the price for what is being used, and it allows monopolists to exploit their independently secured opportunities at the cost of the landless community. We need to tax land values (both that in use and that being withheld from use), without regard to what may be build on the sites, and in so doing cause their prices to fall, since more land will become available at lower competitive cost. The true value of the land is mostly due to the density of the local population and this benefit justly and socially belongs to the community.



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