Review of Keynesian Economics: Free-access articles


Here is a list of 34 free-access articles published by Review of Keynesian Economics:

Dealing with cost-push inflation in Latin America: multi-causality in a context of increased openness and commodity price volatility
Martín Abeles and Demian Panigo

The ‘developmentalism’ debate in Brazil: some economic and political issues
Adriana Moreira Amado and Maria de Lourdes Rollemberg Mollo

A heterodox structural Keynesian: honouring Augusto Graziani
Riccardo Bellofiore

Basil J. Moore’s Horizontalists and Verticalists: an appraisal 25 years later
Ulrich Bindseil and Philipp J. König

Wage-led versus profit-led demand regimes: the long and the short of it
Robert A. Blecker

Reflecting on new developmentalism and classical developmentalism
Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira

‘Dark as a dungeon’: technological change and government policy in the deunionization of the American coal industry
Kimberly Christensen

Introduction: the role of central banks in economic development with an emphasis on the recent Argentinean experience
Mercedes Marcó del Pont

Growth and distribution after the 2007–2008 US financial crisis: who shouldered the burden of the crisis?
Mathieu Dufour and Özgür Orhangazi

Uncertainty, power, institutions, and crisis: implications for economic analysis and the future of capitalism
Amitava Krishna Dutt

The neoclassical sink and the heterodox spiral: political divides and lines of communication in economics
Gary A. Dymski

Developmental central banking: winning the future by updating a page from the past
Gerald Epstein

Can fiscal austerity be expansionary in present-day Europe? The lessons from Sweden
Lennart Erixon

Aggregate demand, instability, and growth
Steven M. Fazzari, Pietro E. Ferri, Edward G. Greenberg, and Anna Maria Variato

Public debt crisis, austerity and deflation: the case of Greece
Marica Frangakis

An endogenous money perspective on the post-crisis monetary policy debate
Scott T. Fullwiler

The heterodox notion of structural crisis
Robert Guttmann

Endogenous money and effective demand
Steve Keen

Macroeconomic effects of household debt: an empirical analysis
Yun K. Kim

A comment on ‘Endogenous money and effective demand’: a revolution or a step backwards?
Marc Lavoie

The economics of deflation in the euro area: a critique of fiscal austerity
Giuseppe Mastromatteo and Sergio Rossi

Cambridge and neo-Kaleckian growth and distribution theory: comparison with an application to fiscal policy
Thomas I. Palley

What caused the great inflation moderation in the US? A post-Keynesian view
Nathan Perry and Nathaniel Cline

Keynes, family allowances, and Keynesian economic policy
Steven Pressman

Endogenous money: the evolutionary versus revolutionary views
Louis-Philippe Rochon and Sergio Rossi

Degree of monopoly and class struggle: political aspects of Kalecki’s pricing and distribution theory
Fernando M. Rugitsky

Is a Marxist explanation of the current crisis possible?
Claudio Sardoni

Graziani’s analysis of the circuit: does it extend to the era of financialisation?
Malcolm Sawyer

Were the original Canada–US Free Trade Agreement (CUSFTA) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) significant policy turning points? Understanding the evolution of macroeconomic policy from the pre- to the post-NAFTA era in North America
Mario Seccareccia

Financial integration and national autonomy: China and India
Sunanda Sen

How Keynes came to Britain
Robert Skidelsky

Workplace relations, unemployment and finance-dominated capitalism
Gary Slater and David A. Spencer

Keynes and the European economy
Peter Temin and David Vines

Unravelling the New Classical Counter Revolution
Simon Wren-Lewis