Real World Micro & Macro 2017 Editions

micro24cover--90x138macro34cover--90x138 Real World Micro (24th edition)  has just been published by Dollars & Sense.  The book is edited by Rob Larson, Alejandro Reuss, Bryan Snyder, Chris Sturr, and the D&S Collective .Standard microeconomics textbooks depict a tidy world of free markets producing the best outcomes for everyone. Real World Micro confronts neoclassical theory with a messier reality in which disparities of wealth, power, and organization shape the economy, and benefit some groups at others’ expense.

Real World Macro (34th edition) has just been published by Dollars & Sense. The book is edited by Alejandro Reuss, Luis Rosero, Bryan Snyder, Chris Sturr, and the D&S Collective. The latest edition of this perennial bestseller asks the questions that standard textbooks largely neglect: What’s so great about growth? Is unemployment natural? Who decides stock prices? Real World Macro addresses timely topics such as unemployment, inflation, deficits, tax policy, the Federal Reserve, savings, and poverty.