About URPE

Founded in 1968, The Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE) is an interdisciplinary membership organization of academics and of activists. Our mission is to promote the study, development and application of radical political economic analysis to social problems. This involves a continuing critique of both the capitalist system, and of all forms of exploitation and oppression. URPE’s mission also includes, coming out of this critique, helping to construct a progressive social policy, and a human-centered radical alternative to capitalism.

Visit the URPE website at http://www.urpe.org

You can join URPE for for $20 annual dues or become a member with a subscription to our journal,  Review of Radical Political Economics, for $55 regular / $30 low-income.

Send checks to: URPE, Gordon Hall, U. Mass/Amherst, 418 N. Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA 01002-1735

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To join this blog as an author or contributor, please email the manager of this blog (Julio Huato) at urpe.mail@gmail.com or (David Fields) at social.media@urpe.org. You’ll receive an email inviting you to join the list of blog users and, if you need them, instructions on how to post.

Follow URPE on Twitter: https://twitter.com/urpe1968

Follow URPE on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/35494164425/


One thought on “About URPE

  1. I am interested in re-activating Economy Connection. There is a lot of truly appalling misinformation about how the economy works circulating with the 2016 election propaganda. In this version of Economy Connection, I would like to develop topical presentations to be offered rather than fulfill requests for speakers. Anyone interested?

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