Marx on Automation

The following text is taken from pages 690-711 of the Vintage edition of Karl Marx’s Grundrisse, translated into English by Marin Nicolaus and published in 1973, to draw the attention of the interested reader in light of the recent mainstream foray into the topic of automation. The labour process. — Fixed capital. Means of labour. … More Marx on Automation

New Book: Reading Marx

By Slavoj Žižek, Frank Ruda, & Agon Hamza. From Polity Press: Marx’s critique of political economy is vital for understanding the crisis of contemporary capitalism. Yet the nature of its relevance and some of its key tenets remain poorly understood. This bold intervention brings together the work of leading Marx scholars Slavoj Žižek, Frank Ruda … More New Book: Reading Marx

New Book: A World to Win – The Life and Works of Karl Marx

by Sven-Eric Liedman Translated by Jeffrey N. Skinner. From Verso: In this essential new biography—the first to give equal weight to both the work and life of Karl Marx—Sven-Eric Liedman expertly navigates the imposing, complex personality of his subject through the turbulent passages of global history. A World to Win follows Marx through childhood and … More New Book: A World to Win – The Life and Works of Karl Marx